Accréditation France Medicalys

In consultation with the French Ministry of Health, this accreditation assesses health care facilities abroad according to the French standards of the Haute Autorité de Santé. It aims to establish and implement national programmes for the accreditation and certification of health care institutions and services in France and abroad.


It is key in sustaining a culture of quality of care, patient safety and patients’ rights in accordance with French and European values. It enables health care facilities abroad to adapt and match the French health care system and the medical sector.


France Accreditation is recognised as a major player in the international promotion of French and European health services and medicine. Accredited organisations must share the same values as those established by the French health system. The geographical and cultural proximity with France makes Tunisia a key partner, especially since the majority of Tunisian doctors working for Medicalys have obtained their diplomas or have already practiced in France.

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