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The cervico-facial lift. Cervicofacial lift corrects disfigurement and sagging of the skin caused by aging of the face and neck. This procedure gives excellent results for people wishing to reshape the oval of the face and remove the effects of sagging skin.

This procedure is not intended to change the shape or appearance of the face. On the contrary, it simply restructures the anatomy of the face and neck to regain the appearance that you had several years ago.

It consists of putting the muscles under tension to correct their looseness.

The cervico-facial lift. This procedure gives excellent results for people who want to reshape the oval of their face and eliminate the effects of sagging skin. It is generally requested by both women and men in their forties. This surgery is designed for people who want to reshape and restructure the anatomy of their face and neck to give them a younger appearance and eliminate folds and wrinkles in their face.

The purpose of the procedure is to remove excess skin and tissue distension in the face and neck area. It involves making incisions in the hairline, inside and behind the ears. The incisions are discreet, and sutures are made with fine threads. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and can last from two to four hours.

Thanks to the anesthesia, there is no pain, but some discomfort may be felt (such as a feeling of tension in the eyelids). The stitches are removed 3 to 6 days after the procedure. There may be slight irritation or visual disturbances in the eyes. Moist compresses and eye drops are used to prevent the cornea from drying out. Swelling (edema) and bruising may appear to a greater or lesser extent from one individual to another. During the first few days, it may be difficult to close the eyelids completely. All of these effects are generally reversible in a rapid manner. It takes between 6 and 20 days to return to normal social and professional life.

The eyes lose their aged and tired appearance and can retrieve a relaxed and rested look. The removal of bags is almost definitive since recurrence is rare. Eyelid surgery gives lasting results. It is rarely considered before a dozen years.

Cervico-Facial Facelift
Cervico-Facial Facelift



Cervico-Facial Facelift

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