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Gastroplasty, also known as gastric banding, involves placing a silicone ring around the upper part of the stomach that can be adjusted to control the size of the stomach pouch.

This ring will divide your stomach into two compartments: an upper compartment of 15 to 25 cubic centimeters in size and a lower compartment.

The stomach will be transformed into an hourglass shape, and food will pass slowly through the gastric band.

Well-chewed food will go down into the upper pouch, located above the gastric band. The pouch will expand slightly, stimulating the satiety center in the brain.

The gastric band is indicated to anyone with a BMI below 45, unlike the sleeve.

The main interest of this surgery is to restore the feeling of satiety.

Gastroplasty is done by laparoscopy, no abdominal incisions.

Carbon dioxide is blown into the abdomen, the surgeon will then proceed to tie the gastric band around the stomach, separating it into 2 pockets.

The gastroplasty is done under general anesthesia and lasts on average 1 hour.

The post-surgery period is not very painful and only requires analgesics and a gastric bandage.

It is important to chew correctly and for a long time before swallowing.

In the beginning, the weight loss is often quite fast and progressive, around one kilogram (2.20 pounds) less per week.

After two years, the gastric band will allow you to get rid of almost half of the excess weight.

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