Obesity surgery is an effective solution to get rid of excess weight through interventions such as gastric band, bypass, or sleeve, depending on your eating habits.

Gastric band

Gastric band

3000 €

Gastric band Tunisia

This ring will divide your stomach into two compartments: an upper compartment of 15 to 25 cubic centimeters in size and a lower compartment.

The stomach will be transformed into an hourglass shape, and food will pass slowly through the gastric band.

Well-chewed food will go down into the upper pouch, located above the gastric band. The pouch will expand slightly, stimulating the satiety center in the brain.



5290 €

Bypass Tunisia

Bypass is a type of bariatric surgery that reduces the volume of the stomach and alters the path of food through the digestive system.

Food passes directly into the middle section of the small intestine, bypassing the stomach and upper part of the digestive tract.



3690 €

Sleeve Tunisia

Gastric sleeve surgery (also known as calibrated vertical gastroplasty with gastric resection) involves removing about two thirds of the stomach to create a tube-like structure.

Food is slowed down as it passes through the tube and then quickly enters the small intestine.

Longitudinal gastrectomy combines several mechanisms, including restriction and a decrease in the level of ghrelin (the hunger hormone), leading to a reduced appetite for food.

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