Plastic surgery in Tunisia.

Steps to follow for organizing your aesthetic stay in Tunisia:


Step 1 : Request a free quotation with no commitment.

In order to receive our free and non-binding quote, you must fill in and send us your quotation request form. Quotation request form..

An evaluation of the cost of your entire stay will be communicated to you if your request for an estimate reaches us with 3 colored photos (one front and two other profile photos, right and left) of the part of your body concerned by the intervention in order to allow our surgeon to evaluate your case.

Thank you for sending us your form and photos using our free quotation request form or directly by email at the following address. free quotation request form. or directly by email at the following address. :

Only quotation request forms containing photos will be processed and diagnosed by our plastic surgeons.

Note: : The information you will give us will be private and strictly confidential.

Your pre-consultation is free of charge and without any commitment on your part.


Step 2: It’s up to you!

Following the reception of your request for cosmetic surgery with your photos, you will receive within 24 hours the diagnosis of your surgeon. We will also send you the name of your plastic surgeon and his references. If you are satisfied with our offer, you will have a 7-day period to confirm your choice.

During this period, we remain at your disposal for any further information you may need. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our agency may schedule a telephone interview with your surgeon. This interview will aim to obtain answers to the questions you may have about your cosmetic surgery in Tunisia.


Step 3: Your reservation.

You have now made your choice! To book your stay, you must confirm your decision by email to the address where you received the quotation.

After your confirmation, you will receive:

• The planning for the organization of your stay in Tunisia.

• The pre-surgery and post-surgery appointments with your plastic surgeon.

• The fixed date for your operation.


Step 4: Your arrival at the airport

As soon as you arrive at the airport of Tunis Carthage, the reception staff of the agency will take care of you and will proceed to your transfer from the airport to your 5-star luxury hotel in the tourist area of Gammarth. You will have at your disposal a driver as well as a perfectly English-speaking hostess who will satisfy all your requests. A telephone will be given to you with the pre-recorded contacts of the staff at your disposal in order to keep a permanent contact.

At the hotel, Medicalys provides a resident nurse who will be at your side in case of need and who will give you instructions to prepare you for the procedure. You will also be able to take advantage of the hotel’s facilities to enjoy a rest after your trip.


Step 5: The pre-surgery consultation.

The day after your arrival, you will be taken to the appointment with your surgeon for a pre-surgery consultation. If the surgeon decides to do so, additional examinations can be carried out in order to complete your medical file. Your medical file thus completed will allow the surgeon to understand your motivations as well as your expectations. He will then explain the details of your cosmetic surgery in Tunisia.

Your pre-surgery consultation will be finalized by signing a mutual consent document and paying your bill.

Payment will be made in cash.


Step 6: The surgical intervention.

Your surgery will be scheduled the day after your arrival. On the day of the operation you will be accompanied to the plastic surgery clinic by the Medicalys representative who will take care of all the admission and reception procedures. You will not have to do anything.


Step 7: Convalescence.

The day after your surgery, a post-operative visit will be scheduled with your surgeon who will validate your discharge authorization. The Medicalys representative will perform the discharge procedures and you will be transferred to your hotel.

The Medicalys resident nurse will be present at your hotel throughout your recovery and will be available for follow-up care and dressing changes. A second post-operative visit will take place in your surgeon’s office to assess your healing and follow-up of your operation.


Step 8: Back home!

Medicalys will transfer you to Tunis Carthage airport where you will be welcomed by the airport VIP service who will install you in your private lounge with all the comfort and amenities you need. The VIP service will take care of your check-in and your luggage. You will have nothing to do. When you return home, we will keep in touch with you at all times in order to evaluate your post-surgery follow-up in direct contact with your surgeon. To show your satisfaction, we invite you, like all our satisfied patients, to share your experience in our guestbook (link). Your testimony is precious and will allow others to make the right choice by addressing Medicalys for the organization of their stay of plastic surgery in Tunisia.

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