Medical tourism in Tunisia: how to get started ?

Date de publication : 16/07/2021

Medical tourism in Tunisia is a sector that is constantly growing. And it’s not surprising, countless patients and influencers have been tempted by a plastic surgery operation in Tunisia. So, why not you? Going for a plastic surgery in Tunisia is indeed the best way to benefit from a quality operation at lower costs. Let us have a look at this trend and we will give you all the key steps to know in order to start a medical tourism project in Tunisia.

Medical tourism in Tunisia: how does it work?

On TV, on the net or in magazines, you keep reading and seeing reports praising the merits of a medical stay in Tunisia. However, there are still many grey areas and you are still wondering what a medical tourism project in Tunisia actually consists of. We suggest you to look in details the principle of a medical tourism project in Tunisia: How to organize it? How does it take place? How much does it cost? You will know everything there is to know about medical tourism in Tunisia.

How to organize a medical stay in Tunisia?

Organizing a medical stay in Tunisia is not an easy task if you decide to do it on your own. Indeed, carrying out a plastic surgery operation in Tunisia means first finding a good plastic surgeon, a good clinic and a good hotel. But not only. To master all aspects of a medical stay in Tunisia and make it a positive experience, it is also essential to find the caregivers who will assist you in your post-surgery follow-up, the partners who can ensure transfers between your hotel, the clinic, and so on. This is not an impossible task, but it is a difficult one.

However, if you wish to enjoy a medical stay in Tunisia without having to ask yourself a thousand practical questions and without having the fear of forgetting an important detail, you can entrust the organization of your medical stay in Tunisia to a specialized agency. Indeed, medical agencies in Tunisia such as Medicalys have all the necessary know-how and experience to carry out a medical tourism project in Tunisia as they already have in their address book a large number of competent partners with whom they are used to deal with.

Medicalys has been collaborating for more than 15 years with the best plastic surgeons in Tunisia but also with the best clinics. It therefore offers all-inclusive packages that cover every possible details. Best plastic surgeon in Tunisia, best hotel in Tunisia, best plastic clinic in Tunisia, transfers, post-surgery care (including once back in your home country): medical agencies like Medicalys offer you a turnkey and quality medical tourism experience in Tunisia.

To use their services, you just have to contact them online via their form, such as that one for Medicalys. You will then be able to get a personalized quote.


How does a medical stay in Tunisia work?

A medical stay in Tunisia with Medicalys is truly an extraordinary adventure. Indeed, Medicalys makes every effort to ensure that your medical tourism project in Tunisia is a positive experience. Thus, as soon as you contact us via the dedicated form, you will be called back by one of our health advisors. They will listen to you and will review your expectations.

Then, you will be asked to send photos of the area to be corrected so that the surgeon can make a diagnosis and validate both the feasibility of the procedure and its potential cost. Once the estimate has been accepted, a date will be set for the cosmetic surgery in Tunisia.

Once the big day arrives, you will fly to Tunisia and be greeted at the airport by our medical team. You will then be taken to the hotel to settle in and then to the clinic for your pre-surgery visit. The next day, you will be accompanied to the clinic to undergo your cosmetic surgery. Depending on the type of surgery you choose, you may be discharged the same day or you may have to spend one to three nights at the clinic. With the approval of the plastic surgeon in Tunisia, you will finally be able to go back to your hotel where you will enjoy a gentle convalescence. If post-operative care is necessary, a caregiver will come to your hotel to perform it. Finally, on the day of your return to your home country, you will be accompanied to the airport by members of our team who will assist you in all your formalities (check-in, luggage, etc.). Once you return home, you will also benefit from a remote post-operative follow-up.

How much does a medical stay in Tunisia cost?

The price of a medical stay in Tunisia varies according to the type of intervention chosen. You will not pay the same price for a liposuction in Tunisia as for a rhinoplasty in Tunisia. However, whatever the type of cosmetic surgery in Tunisia that you want to perform, you will benefit from a very competitive rate compared to Europe. Indeed, the prices charged in Tunisia are, at least, 50% lower than those offered on the old continent. For example, a liposuction in France requires a budget of 2500 euros against 1590 euros in Tunisia. A plastic surgery operation in Tunisia is therefore much more affordable than in France or Italy.

Moreover, the price of a medical stay in Tunisia provided by an agency such as Medicalys, is included. That is to say that it includes all the expenses inherent to the cosmetic surgery operation in Tunisia in particular: the fees of the Tunisian cosmetic surgeon and the anesthetist, the hospital and hotel expenses, the post-operative care or the various transfers necessary for a successful stay. On the other hand, you should know that plane tickets, your personal expenses (shopping, etc.) but also, potential excursions are to be paid by you.


Medical tourism in Tunisia: who can benefit from it?

A medical tourism project in Tunisia has many advantages likely to seduce a wide array of candidates for plastic surgery in Tunisia. Find out quickly if you are among the lucky ones who can benefit from a medical stay in Tunisia!

Medical tourism in Tunisia: for which types of cosmetic surgery?

Medical tourism in Tunisia is a booming sector because it has been able to adapt to the constantly changing demands of patients. All cosmetic surgery operations offered in Europe are available in Tunisia, even the most advanced ones. Thus, whether you wish to benefit from a facial surgery, such as a cervico-facial lift or a blepharoplasty, or a surgery of the silhouette, such as buttock implants or liposuction, you will find what you need in Tunisia. 

And for good reason, the plastic surgeons in Tunisia have diplomas but also extensive experience allowing them to carry out successfully the most delicate operations of plastic surgery. In addition, the Tunisian cosmetic surgeons working for Medicalys have all made continuing education a priority. They therefore attend conferences and train with colleagues in order to offer their patients the most recent cosmetic surgery techniques.

Medical tourism in Tunisia: for which patient profile?

Contrary to popular belief, there is no typical patient profile that can be tempted by a medical tourism project in Tunisia. Indeed, the candidates for cosmetic surgery in Tunisia are young and old, men and women, interested in facial surgery but also body surgery. However, they all have one thing in common: the desire to benefit from a dream quality/price ratio! They are also open-minded and in love with beautiful experiences that are out of the ordinary !

Medical tourism in Tunisia : what are the advantages ?

It is not a coincidence that the medical tourism sector in Tunisia has known a growing success in recent years. Indeed, it has many advantages: price, original experience but also safety and results that meet expectations. We suggest you to take stock of the undeniable advantages of a cosmetic surgery in Tunisia.

Medical tourism in Tunisia: an affordable plastic surgery intervention

The main advantage of a medical tourism project in Tunisia is obviously the value for money. Indeed, the prices of a cosmetic surgery in Tunisia are not only low. They also rhyme with quality plastic surgery. It is enough to observe the before and after plastic surgery in Tunisia! Whatever the type of operation chosen, the results are breathtaking! Moreover, from a comfort point of view, the quality of service offered in Tunisia is at least equivalent to that offered in Europe but at prices twice as low. By saying yes to medical tourism in Tunisia, patients can enjoy a quality cosmetic surgery operation at a lower cost!

Medical tourism in Tunisia: a trip with many advantages

Going for a medical tourism experience in Tunisia is also a vacation! During their medical stay in Tunisia, patients can also discover and take advantage of the countless tourist attractions that Tunisia has to offer. Unesco World Heritage sites, leisure activities, a dream climate or a rich and varied gastronomy: a surgical operation in Tunisia is synonymous with an experience as pleasant as it is unexpected.

Medical tourism in Tunisia: a safe and practical destination

Finally, a medical tourism adventure in Tunisia is also and above all about enjoying an extraordinary experience, with few constraints and in complete safety. Indeed, all the best cosmetic surgeons in Tunisia collaborating with Medicalys have a flawless training and experience allowing them to ensure the success of your cosmetic surgery.

Moreover, Tunisia is only two hours by plane from Europe. An ideal geographical location that allows it to offer patients a simple and quick trip: no visas and no fatigue due to excessive flight time.

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