Top 10 cosmetic surgery operations in the world !

Date de publication : 16/07/2021

Cosmetic surgery: discover the top 10 cosmetic surgery operations!

Rhinoplasty, liposuction, bichectomy or abdominoplasty: on TV as in your surroundings, you never stop hearing about plastic surgery. And it’s not surprising, as it is a fast-growing branch of health care. More and more patients are being tempted to undergo cosmetic surgery. But what are the operations that most people go for? Are they the same for women and men? Discover our top 5 cosmetic surgery operations for men and women !

Cosmetic surgery: top 5 cosmetic surgery operations for women

Rightly or wrongly, more and more women around the world are going for cosmetic surgery. At a time when physical appearance has never been so important, this observation is not surprising. However, what is a little more surprising is the top 5 cosmetic surgery operations that they prefer. Breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, liposuction or abdominoplasty: find out in detail the plastic surgery operations that allow women to feel more comfortable in their shoes !

Top cosmetic surgery: 1- Breast augmentation

Popularized in the 80's and 90's by TV icons and celebrities, the success of breast augmentation has not diminished over the years. In fact, it is still the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure for women. A breast augmentation can be used to correct a lack of breast volume, breast asymmetry, or to increase the volume of a breast with a conventional size. This cosmetic surgery procedure can therefore be used for many indications. To do so, patients have a wide choice of interventions in terms of breast surgery. They can go for breast augmentation with round implants, breast augmentation with anatomical implants or breast lipofilling. All of these cosmetic surgery procedures can successfully correct any form of breast-related discomfort. Thanks to a breast augmentation, women regain their self-confidence both in public and in private!

Top cosmetic surgery: 2- Rhinoplasty

Unsurprisingly, rhinoplasty ranks among the most requested cosmetic surgery operations in Tunisia. When we know the importance of the nose in the harmony of a face, this 2nd position seems quite logical. Especially since rhinoplasty can be considered for different indications. It can be a rhinoplasty with a restorative aim, that is, to correct the after-effects of a trauma (after a road accident, a fall, etc.). The goal is to restore the nose to its original appearance. A rhinoplasty can also be considered to improve breathing and make the nose look better. This is called septorhinoplasty. Finally, in the majority of cases, a rhinoplasty is also performed to correct a real or suspected nose defect. A rhinoplasty is very effective in correcting all forms of imperfections affecting the nose: hooked nose, humpback nose, flattened nose, or even blunt nose.

Top cosmetic surgery: 3- Blepharoplasty

Little known by most people, blepharoplasty is nevertheless one of the preferred operations for women. And for good reason, it is a true ally of youth since it restores the freshness of the eyes. This cosmetic surgery procedure corrects wrinkles on the eyelid, but not only. It also helps to remedy the drooping effect of the eyelid which gives the eyes a sad and unattractive look. A blepharoplasty can also be performed on the upper or lower eyelid or both! Thanks to blepharoplasty, the patient's look is rejuvenated and the whole face looks more graceful.

Top cosmetic surgery: 4 - Liposuction

Liposuction or lipoaspiration does not even need to be introduced. This cosmetic surgery operation, a real fat killer, has however evolved a lot in the last few years. Although the vast majority of liposuctions are classic liposuctions, i.e. the surgeon sucks out the fat, more and more patients are going for the latest generation of liposuctions, notably SmartLipo or laser liposuction. These procedures, which are designed to melt the fat by heating it with a laser fiber, limit the risks of surgery (less bleeding) and offer a rapid recovery. In addition, they make it possible to treat areas that are difficult to access with traditional liposuction, such as the inner thighs, arms or chin.

Top cosmetic surgery: 5 - Abdominoplasty

Over the years, the most complete abdominal surgery has won over an ever-growing number of patients. And it is no surprise as abdominoplasty allows for the correction of excess skin and skin alterations as well as the elimination of small fatty deposits located in the abdomen. It is therefore the best ally for women who, after a pregnancy, a significant weight loss or even menopause, have an imperfect abdomen that is a source of complex. Thanks to this cosmetic surgery, the belly regains its original aspect: firm, smooth and toned ... For the greatest happiness of women who do this surgery.

Cosmetic surgery: top 5 cosmetic surgery operations for men

While cosmetic surgery is often reserved, wrongly, for women, there are more and more men who are tempted by an intervention. Like women, they use it to remove physical imperfections that bother them in their daily lives. However, the plastic surgery procedures they prefer are quite different from those chosen by women. Find out about the top 5 plastic surgery procedures for men.

Top plastic surgery: 1 - Gynecomastia

It happens to a lot of men: having an unattractive chest that is detrimental to their virility. Whether they are of hormonal origin (gynecomastia) or linked to excess weight (adipomastia), more and more men want to get rid of them. The result? This operation has risen to the first place of cosmetic surgery for men. And for good reason, as it makes it possible to eliminate the excessive volume of the chest and to give the torso a beautiful, firm and toned appearance. It awakens the masculinity of the patients who go for it.

Top cosmetic surgery: 2 - Liposuction

As a growing number of men are concerned about their physical appearance, they are frequently tempted by a liposuction. This cosmetic surgery operation is intended to permanently eliminate small localized fat deposits. The areas that have allowed liposuction to take second place among men are mainly the chin, the stomach and the love handles. Two areas frequently affected by excess fat and having a strong impact on the overall aesthetics of the figure.

Top cosmetic surgery: 3 - Abdominoplasty

After the age of 50 or after a massive weight loss, men often suffer from a small belly that affects their sex appeal. In their quest for seduction, many men choose to change this by undergoing an abdominoplasty. This cosmetic surgery, which is recognized as the most complete abdominal surgery, allows the abdominal area to look good by eliminating excess skin, areas of altered skin or even the small pounds located in the abdomen. After an abdominoplasty, the abdomen is smooth, firm, and the excess skin has disappeared. The patient finally feels free to wear what he wants, when he wants!

Top cosmetic surgery: 4 - Rhinoplasty

Just like women, the nose plays an essential role in the harmony of a man's face. A nose with an imperfection therefore harms the beauty of a face. Aware of the importance of their nose, men are increasingly resorting to rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty can be performed as part of reconstructive surgery, to correct a nose following a trauma, as part of corrective surgery (to remedy an imperfection) or as a medical surgery (to improve breathing by correcting a deviation of the nasal septum). In the end, whatever the indication that led to rhinoplasty, this cosmetic surgery procedure makes it possible to obtain an aesthetically pleasing nose in total harmony with the face.

Top cosmetic surgery: 5 - Penoplasty

The size of the penis is still a deep source of complex for men. And this is no surprise, as the size of this member is still considered by many as a reflection of potential sexual exploits. Over time, this intimate cosmetic surgery has become an essential operation for men. However, it is important to know that a penoplasty, whether it is intended to enlarge the penis or to lengthen it, has no effect on the size of the erect sex. It does, however, allow those who undergo the procedure to feel more comfortable in intimate situations with their partners or in group locker rooms where their sex could be a source of ridicule. In the end, this operation allows men to feel comfortable physically AND psychologically.

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