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Hyaluronic acid is considered the reference product for medical volumetric rejuvenation.

Injecting hyaluronic acid is a simple and fast way to get rid of signs of aging and imperfections on the face by filling or adding volume where needed (furrows, wrinkles or fine lines, lips, cheekbones, cheeks, temporal fossae, etc.).

Most common corrections:

  - Furrows: bitterness folds, nasolabial folds, labiomental folds...

  - Wrinkles and fine lines: forehead, "frown lines", "crow’s feet, cheeks, chin, around the mouth.

  - Lips: redraw the hem (contour), thicken them if they are too thin, or make them pouty.

  - Depressions (hollows) or lack of volume: cheekbones, dark circles, chin, mandibular contour, cheeks, nose, temporal fossae, scarring after-effects (acne, chickenpox, trauma...).

The principle is to inject the product into the skin or deeper layers in order to correct wrinkles, depressions, and loss of volume due to aging.

The average duration of the effect is 8 to 12 months.

Injection d’acide Hyaluronique
Injection d’acide Hyaluronique

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Hyaluronic acid injection 250 €
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