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A dental implant is a procedure to replace one or more missing teeth.

Implants provide a stable and secure base for fixed or removable replacement teeth to replace missing natural teeth.

Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth, several teeth, or all teeth. The goal is to restore the function of chewing as well as the aesthetics of the mouth.

During the first step, the surgeon begins by extracting what is left of the old tooth. A bone graft is then placed to provide a solid base of bone for the implant. The site will be ready to receive a dental implant in two to six months.

When the bone base is ready, the surgeon places the dental implant. A healing cap will be placed over the implant, and the gum is sewn back together to begin the healing phase.

During the healing phase, a temporary prosthesis may be added to replace missing teeth for cosmetic purposes. The healing time is between two and six months, during which osseointegration should take place. Care should be taken not to apply force to the dental implant while it is healing.

Once the healing period is over, a prosthetic component, called an abutment, is connected to the dental implant by means of a screw. This component will be used to hold the replacement tooth or dental crown.

To facilitate the healing process, it is important to eat well, starting with soft and ground foods.

For the first two weeks, only eat warm, soft, and mashed foods, without any lumps, to avoid chewing.

Two months after the surgery, you can start chewing lightly.

Finally, from the third month onwards, you can resume your normal diet.

After 3 months, you will no longer have any restrictions. You will enjoy a strong and reliable dentition that perfectly fits your morphology!

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